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This week I Stepped into the 1,000th server room as systems engineer. I have been excited to have had the opportunity to see the many changing facets of technology through the decades.- Raymond Loeffler, 1/ 07

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Web Browsing a wide variety of Internet / Web solutions including Physical Setup of Network Appliances, Servers, securing an environment and development of Web Presence. We meet with you to find out your expectations and follow through with proposal to meet your local and long term goals. We consider a Website to be a "Portal" for your clients to come into your office without leaving their desk. Our thoroughness and planning shows our professionalism and brings you brightest successes.


Have fun in assisting clients with Web portal endeavors, implement a certain ideology for prominent customer service, support and growth!


This site is a web browsing site held by Raymond Loeffler Providing Customized Web Solutions with Stability. Raymond Loeffler uses independent Web developers to install and test custom code.

Raymond Loeffler helps to manage & recommend important parts to developing and creating a living breathing Web site

Service Provider (ISP) and explore possibilities of Internal / External server installation and infrastructure.

Managing DNS Internet Servers Names --- Custom or intricate setups

Duties include securing online content- management tasks regarding security , and proactively implementing auditing web indexing solutions.

Encompassing a variety of public relations strategies, advertising techniques, and communications skills to build customer base on any budget.

Introduce cutting edge software solutions to help with publishing, to aid administration, and effect ongoing seasonal changes.

Advice on marketing software packages for Web Site research, and market site for better standings. Search Engine Placement, using Meta Tags and researched submission styles in order to place higher with specific keyword searches.

• Programming, Layout, Linking and Graphic Design
• Products Include "NSI" "RealNames" "PairNic"
• Other Products Include "Macromedia" "IIS" "Top Layer"
• Consulting Services for E-Business – online Merchants
• DNS Configurations
• Secure Socket Layer
• Shopping Cart
• Payment Gateway


• Cost – Create Budget and Schedule of Benchmarks
• Come up with Design & Provide Graphics
• Setup Deal with Shipment Warehouse for Delivery of Goods
• Create a Name & Online Presence
• Develop Marketing Goals & Email List

Services covered include:

• Design Standards
• Installation Printers & Design Hardware
• Installation of peripherals and consumables
• System re-boot, Virus protection and eradication
• Restoration of back-up scripts
• Network administration and diagnostics
• Training

Design Layout Skills & Issues with Images

Photoshop & Illustrator.
• Versions of Software
• User Security
• Users saving locally with NO backup
• Tracking licensing / Budgeting for upgrades
• File Formats
• Printing Large Image files
• Server RAID Versions
• Version Tracking - Document Management
• Network Planning
• PC Specifications


• Find Web Server > Host [Choose Coding Structure (I recommend SQL, ASP or PHP)]
•Would you require cookies, java or other – which browsers are compatible with this site
• Purchase Pre-Coded Site If options you need are available -rather than code everything from scratch
• Host Should have Built In Redundancy & Disaster Planning
• Find Web Developer with time / Efficient
• Contact Bank & Setup Transfer / Notifications (setup Merchant Account with this information)
• Launch Email Server – Test Site
• Images & Descriptions of products should be given in Excel Format
• Implement Shopping cart with cookies
• Recordkeeping of all Documentation related to Go-Live of Environment
• Developer with time / Efficient Schedule
• Contact Bank & Setup Transfer / Notifications (setup Merchant Account with this information)
• Launch Email Server – Test Site
• Images & Descriptions of products should be given in Excel Format
• Implement Shopping cart with cookies
• Warehouse Shipment Calculation Program

Web Services Come In Many Flavors

Email, proxy, newsletters, new media content can all be considered Web services..
Others can be: Marketing Campaign, direct Email, Internet and file transfer protocol.

If you have a high recognition product with serious branding and loyalty, you must continue to identify this product in a Web for users to maintain their satisfaction levels in your goods and services. Having a Web presence is a necessary!

There are two schools of thought. One, site is to give to the client what they expect before they get there. For example, Coke should be bubbly and refreshing while Coca Cola Corporation should be informative and have Investor Relations information

Goals and Execution

Online business solutions provide synergy through real time reporting of customer driven inquiries. A Web presence of this nature provides the best customer relationships and feedback for industry evolution and growth. Through database and tracking our software aided services present information of clicking and feedback of activity on your site. Through tracking cookies we can know what colors or patterns are in style based on cookie tracking.

Partnerships with the big search engines such as Google for advertising can be made so search users will find you.


A web page can have a flash media interface or just some fast loading static pages. While bells and whistles are nice an anonymous web user needs to be able to obtain the information they are looking for. Whether it is corporate information, or just an address it should be only one click away. We recommend that meta tags be carefully identified and placed hidden on certain Web pages for search crawlers and search engines to weight your listing in their databases.

Search Engine Placement

Search Engine Placement is Key. We want you to be first on any search so you can manipulate the way your clients to peer into your business model. The way that you want them to. This takes a certain precision as to Public Relations as to how to present your offerings under the correct light.

Areas of specialties

• All-in-one Internet / Intranet Integration
• Customer Service
• Collaboration
• Manufacturing
• Inventory & Tracking of Goods Tagging
• Accounting Integration
• Client interaction through login and manipulating of Online content per Account
• Security

Databases Supported
• Exchange OWA
• Lotus Domino
• SQL Server
• Access / Integration
• DB4 Flat Files
• Blackberry
• Wiki

Development vs. Production

Typically we develop in a separate location prior to launching. Maintenance of current Web Services Provider can be used at the client's preference. Or migration to another provider can be overseen by Raymond Loeffler. Production environments consist of Public Offerings in live state for clients review. We test with industry leading browsers to ensure all devices can present your pages in an informative format.

Integration Cosmetics

• Graphic, Audio & Video formats
• New Media
• ASP/ CGI/ Perl - & Forms.
• Javascript - Writing Java Programs and Object Modeling
• Application Tuning
• Dreamweaver training / Flash & Shockwave Enhanced Site
• CSS Web Pages

Merchant Services

• Online Shopping Cart Calculations & Calculator Applications
• Inventory Control
• Promotional Coding & Bluk Rate
• Checkout Application Support
• Shipping Calculator Installation
• Web Site Services & Database Design
• Charge Back Processing and Support
• Security HTTPS


• Cosmupro - Retail Application
• Veritas - Monster Commerce
• Payment Gateway
• PayPal
• SSL Certificate Creation & Installation
• Authorize.net - Banking Verification Processing
• VSR Online Retailing Operation Custom Application
• EDI Specialization



Website's Purpose: Documenting previous work experience as a resume, and supplying pertenant industry informaiton relating to the above.
Raymond Loeffler's Purpose: To build maintain trustful business relationships while converging on clients growth and development...

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